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Hardware for your banners

So you’ve got your banners designed and ordered! But wait.. don’t forget you the tools you need to install them. If you don’t already have banner poles and hardware, we can help you figure out exactly what kind you need! Hardware consists of: 

  • Fibrefelx LL, 1, 2, and 3 Brackets
  • Springloaded Brackets 
  • Accessories

Fibreflex Bracket Mounting Systems

Fibreflex LL

Fiberflex LL single banner bracket

The Fibreflex LL brackets are best for low level decorative poles with banners up to 45″ on length.

Fibreflex 1

fiberflex 1 single square brackets

Fibreflex 1 brackets are best for light poles constructed of concrete, metal or fiberglass poles with banners up to 60″ on length.

Fibreflex 2

fiberflex 2 bracket for banners

Wood, metal, or fiberglass light poles with banners up to 84″ length would be best  with the Fibreflex 2 brackets.

Fibreflex 3

These brackets are adjustable for easy change out. They are best fit for light poles with banners up to 84.”

springloaded banner bracket

Springloaded Brackets

BannerSaver™ brackets that allow a banner to flex according to wind speed and direction. Instead of catching the wind and tearing, your banners bow briefly to let wind spill safely away. When the wind dies down, banners and poles return to their original position, remaining taut and readable the entire time.


We carry a full line of hardware and accessories including banding material, Band-It banding tool and assorted colors of rod arm finials.

banner accessories