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Substance Use among Older Adults: An Update on Prevalence, Etiology, Assessment, and Intervention

Williams, R. E., Bosnic, N., Sweeney, C. T., Duncan, A. W., Levine, K. B., Brogan, M., & Cook, S. F. Prevalence of opioid dispensings and concurrent gastrointestinal medications in Quebec. Protective factors reduce risk for perpetrating or experiencing abuse and neglect. However, identifying and understanding protective factors are equally as important as researching risk […]

10 Reasons to Stay Sober Today

Addiction devours your time which is a factor in many people’s relapse. They get bored and wander back to what they “think” they’d rather be doing. Something simple like working at your local (walking distance) deli. You’ll save money on gas, potentially groceries, and keep yourself busy in a productive manner. Getting sober is a […]